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What our Clients are saying about Oakville Import Auto Centre.

Steve Gaul

I have taken my car to Oakville Imports over the last few years for regular maintenance and service, and
I must say, I have received superior service from the staff at Oakville Imports. For example, Carlos
would personally call me with any decisions that were to be made on my vehicle as opposed to most
mechanics that would just fix and charge me for something I didn’t need. The timely and efficient
manner in which the mechanics work at Oakville Imports is what I value.

I would highly recommend Oakville Imports to any of my friends for your vehicle service needs.

K. Wildman

When it comes to choosing a mechanic, trust is critical.
Whenever something is wrong with a car, an owner like me is usually at a disadvantage. He may not
have a clue about the nature of the problem, much less the options or priorities for addressing it.
A mechanic who can honestly and reliably diagnose problems, fairly present your options and prioritize
critical needs, find practical and creative fixes that provide cost savings, and offer reliable loaner
transportation at a very reasonable price is so valuable.
That’s why I choose Carlos Tipan and the team at Oakville Auto Import Centre every time. They provide
these things and genuine friendliness when I bring my high mileage Saab in for the inevitable repairs
that come with driving a car that’s been driven a lot.
If people ask me who they can trust to diagnose and repair their cars, I will tell them Carlos Tipan and
the Oakville Import Auto Centre every time.

Jim Feyerer

This letter is written to express my appreciation to Carlos Tipan and his team at Oakville Import Auto
Centre for the many years of excellent service on our various vehicles. Carlos has serviced all our vehicle s over the years including three BMW’s, two Volvo’s, a Porsche and a Mercedes. Three of these vehicles were purchased in the States and Carlos was able to expedite the
mechanical issues required to achieve registration here in Ontario. The service has been fast and courteous. Carlos and his staff have kept me up to date with the status of repairs. I like the fact that he actually fixes things wherever possible and practical rather than just
replacing parts until the issue is resolved. Carlos consults when he sees things that could become problems down the road. I have great confidence in the work performed and have recommended Carlos and his team to friends
and neighbours who have become regular customers as well.

Marcella S

I have been thinking of writing this letter for a while, unfortunately I was bery busy with my job and Christmas.

I wanted to let you know that I am thankful to you for the service you offered me a couple of month ago when I got stranded with a broken carr full of clients on a Sunday afternoon.

When I call, you told me you were shopping with your wife, but that you would be at your shop to meet me in half an hour. Within 45 minutes I was there with my clients and there you were with a loaner car all washed up ready for me to keep showing houses.

I found your gesture very helpful and the product of your professionalism help me sell a house to my clients that day. My car was fixed and it is back and running well now.

I will remember your attitude and will make sure to recommend your name to anybody needing a good mechanic.

Suzette G

This letter is long over due. I was dealing with Oakville Import Car Service since day one when they opened back in 1989.

I have sinced moved to Alberta, and it has taken numerous nightmare incidences to make me sit down and realize how amazing the quality and service always was. Whether it was an oil change or major repair, Carlos and his team always went above and beyond their call of duty to ensure the job was done, but more importantly the quality of workrnanship, the highest level of service and integrity that they consistently provided.

I have yet to find a mechanic in the past two years that has measured up to Oakville lmport Car Service. You see, when you’ve had the best for so long, you come to expect it. Needless to say, I’m still searching.


I would’not hesitate to recommend Oakville Import Car Service to anyone and this comes with my highest approbation.

A. DeGuzman

Since 2002 I have been taking my Volvo to your shop for service. As you recall, this happened after an exhaustive search for an auto centre that could fix the electrical
problem that my car encountered.

This is just a note to let you know how pleased I am with the service I have been receiving for the last 5 years.

In this day and age great customer service is often difficult to find, and I feel that it is important that it tle recognized.

Today my car is 16 years old and running well. With the help of Oakville Import Auto Centre,I have been blessed with a vehicle that I could rely on.

Thank you for your commitment to great customer service.

Tony Ehee

I had the pleasure of dealing with Carlos and his son Daniel. I took my Audi in for a brake replacement, by far the best price I could find – compared to dealer the savings was significant. I contacted Carlos through the website and to my surprise I was contacted by Carlos the same day. We arranged and appointment and the car went if for a complete 4 wheel brake pad and disk
replacement. The work was done on time and as quoted. The car felt great and stopped and performed as good as when it was new. I did have one minor issue with the rear brake on the driver’s side. I spoke to Carlos and he quickly scheduled me in – the next
day – for a complete inspection of the brakes. He determined that we had bad disc and or pad’s. The rear brakes were replaced under warranty at no cost to me! Carlos, was humble and apologized for having to re do the work and inconveniencing me. The car was ready when we said it would be ready. It is obvious
that Carlos and his family are committed to a great service experience and they take pride in the work they do and how they treat their customers. As the Audi comes out of warranty, I will be sure to take it to Carlos for future services and repairs. I would recommend Oakville Import Auto Centre to anyone looking for an
alternative to an Audi dealer ship- if you are located in Oakville, Mississauga, and Burlington etc, look them up. Thank you Carlos and Daniel - I do appreciate the work and the service you provided me. Tony

Bruce MacDonald

I have known Mr. Carlos Tipan for more than 20 years. Over this period of time Mr. Tipan and
the staff of his company Oakville Import Auto Center Ltd. have serviced and repaired our family European automobiles with a very high level of service, experience and professionalism. During this time I have observed Mr. Tipan to be a person of very high character, honesty,
integrality and work ethic. It has been a pleasure doing business with Mr. Tipan over the years. I have, and would not hesitate in the future, to recommend Mr Tipan and Oakville Import Auto Centre Ltd. to friends, and business colleagues.

David M., MD

My wife and I have been servicing our automobiles at Import AUto Service over the last 5 years. Carlos Tipan has been primarily responsible for the maintenance of our vehicles and has provided us with excellent service over this time.

If there is one quality that is lacking in the auto repair industry, it is trust. Carlos is an exception to this rule. We have full trust in him. When a reapair was not perfect at first (a rare event), he has spent long hours without charge to correct any dificiencies to our satisfaction.

He has been enterprising and innovative in keeping repair costs at a minimum, has always been available in emergencies (always supplying us with a replacement vehicle at a moments notice), and is able to work with us around our extremely busy and unpredictable schedules. I can strong recommend him to anyone without reservation.

Loraine J

I would like to take this time to thank you very much for your excellent service in servicing my car. There was a strange noise,that though may have been nothing, bothered as well as scared me a bit.

You took the time to come to my office, pick-up my car, check it out, fix whatever it was and return it to me all in the same day. This was greately appreciated as I find it hard to leave my office once I am in working on a project.

And, as of today I still feel confident and safe driving my car as I no longer hear any strange noises coming from the brakes.

So,again,thankyou very much and I will keep passing the good word about your excellent work and customer service.

With best regards,

Ghislaine D

Thank you again for the BEST SERVICE EVER received from an Auto Repair Company in Ontario.

Oakville Import Auto Centre gave me back some faith in people and proved that there are still some dedicated and honest people in the business of Auto Repairs.

When I flrst met Carlos Tipan, the owner of Oalrville Import Auto Centre, he really listened to tbe problems I was experiencing with my 1988 EAGLE PREMIER. Since I had Just been told not to spend another penny on my car, that I had major motor problems and if I could sell it for $1,000.00 I would he very lucky. This, after paying a bill of $1,200.00 to tbe Dealer and having all the same problems that I had before I went ln, and even worse. I, myself, knew my car very well and I did not buy this. I searched high and low for somebody who would know somethiag about the Eagle Premier. I finally found my angel: Carlos Tipan. It was rather refreshing that he should believe what I was saying, since not too many mechanics listen to a wornan; let alone believe in her.

Carlos and his Employees worked endless hours on my car [I believe Carlos even had nightmare about it] but they never gave up believing that it could be solved. The Client/Customer Senrice was tremendous. Not once did I call and was made feel uncomfortable or treated as lf I was a bother. Every day Carlos kept in touch and reported whatever be or his employees were going to do and explain the reasons for it. The problem was finally solved and it had nothing to do wlth the motor; only work that should have been done and was completely overlooked by the Dealer and his mechanics.

I sill never hesitate to recommend ‘OAKVILLE IMPORT AUTO CENTRE’ to anybody because I know the kind of service they will get with an owner like CARLOS TIPAN and his EMPLOYEES.


Jeff McGrath

I am writing to express my sincere appreciation of Carlos and the entire Oakville Import Auto Centre team for their exceptional service.


Carlos has been servicing our BMW X5 for a couple of years now as we've inherited some legacy issues most likely resulting from poor maintenance by the previous owner.


Carlos has personally gone well above and beyond what I would consider a normal level of customer service by arranging transportation for us, personally dropping off our vehicle outside of business hours, and personally answering our requests for information and updates by sending us text messages (sometimes even with photos of problem areas and required fixes).


Most notably, on our most recent visit, Carlos personally checked with the local BMW dealership to see whether any of the issues we were experiencing may be covered under an extended warranty. As it turned out, our warranty was set to expire only a few days later. I never would've known. Carlos personally arranged to have the dealership take care of the warranty-covered parts and demanded that certain repairs be completed, explaining to them in detail what needed to be done - something I never would've known to do, nor would I have been equipped to call out the dealership on having overlooked.


Carlos then performed all of the non-warranty covered repairs in top-notch fashion, in an expedient manner, and always with class.


I would highly recommend Carlos and his team without hesitation for any import auto work. 

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